Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

best massage of my life

Full day yesterday. With only 2 days left I've been trying to pack a lot into my remaining days. I started the morning at the retreat getting all detoxed. Then it was home to catch up on e-mail and such. Then a trip to the zoo where I took lots of pictures. A cute little monkey was sitting right at the edge of the fence and he was literally just an inch away from me on the other side. I also took a lot of pics of Namaste, the white tiger. I got up close and personal with a peacock, they run free around the zoo grounds.

After the zoo it was home for a quick shower and then off to what turned out to be the best massage of my entire life. It was practically orgasmic and last more than an hour and a half. This gal massaged parts that other massage practitioners have always skipped over. My abs/stomach for one. I've never had that massaged before. And the scalp massage was incredible. She's been trained in half a dozen or more massage techniques (she named so many that I lost count) and uses a little bit from all of them. And she's been doing massage for 18 years!

And I don't know quite what to call the enclosure in which she did the massage. The walls were all glass but there was a solid dome on top that went into a point like a church steeple. All around the glass on the outside was rain forest and also a sort of pool/pond/lagoon that you could swim in. During the massage you could close your eyes and listen to the birds and frogs and rain forest sounds. If you opened your eyes you could see nature all around you. I had no idea the environment of a massage could make such a difference.

At night we took a drive out to see the volcano. You couldn't see much at night except the bring red light of the lava from a distance and some of the steam coming off as it poured into the ocean. I wish I had tine to go back during the day to see more. Apparently that area used to be a town before it was run over with lava. Now it's mostly lava rock. You can park at the end of the road and hike about an hour to an hour and a half if you want to walk right up to the hot lava flow. But I'm told it gets incredibly hot and you need to pack food and water for the long hike.

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