Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

hike through the jungle to the beach today

I've seen tons of palm trees and a few hiking trails and certainly an abundance of beaches in my lifetime. So the little hike through the jungle by the ocean really wasn't all that exciting to look at. What did make me stop in my tracks was all the amazing smells. Now THAT was new. I've never smelled anything like that combination of smells before. It was the trees and the ripe fruit, and the distinctive but indescribable scent of the lava stones by the water, and the dirt made up of minerals and clays that we don't have back home, and the aroma of fresh salt water ocean all mixed together into a delightful and completely new experience. Wow.

What also made it striking is that I don't usually have a sense of smell. I mean I have enough to taste food and recognize really strong smells like burning or smoke. But 13 years in the smog ridden and polluted LA air pretty much eroded my ability to enjoy scents the way most folks do. They told me at the retreat that this cleanse and detox would help restore that sense. Maybe I'm already detoxing out a lot of that junk I absorbed during my LA residence. Because I don't recall ever experiencing or enjoying new scents so much like this. It's a bit like being nearly blind and then starting to see again. And then seeing something you never knew existed.

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