Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

how to reply to a rude person

I was channel surfing during dinner last night and caught a few minutes of the reality television show "Airport". I was really impressed with how a ticketing agent handled a drunk, rude man. I'm basically making a note of it here so I can learn from it.

Drunk people aren't allowed to fly and the ticketing agent, a charming and obviously gay man, was cancelling the man's ticket and re-issuing him a new one for the following day. The drunk man made a snide, not very nice comment about how the agent was a "homosexual".

Now as an employee I would assume you just have to ignore that. But the man responded, and did so in the most courteous way. He said, "Sir, can we not address our personal opinions at the moment and just stick to business right now? Here is your ticket for tomorrow, please come back tomorrow and do not attempt to get on a flight again today. Do you need a hotel?"

I love that reply. It's so much better than just keeping your mouth shut when some one is rude to you. And the drunk man took no offense to it and moved right along.

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