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Domesticated kitten

I have been cleaning and scrubbing for hours. And that's just my ex roommates bathroom! I haven't even touched the one in my old room yet. She gave it a quick cleaning before she left but it still had mold galore everywhere. The ceiling fan had at least 5 to 10 years worth of nasty crap in it (it clearly was never cleaned even before we moved here). Took it apart and cleaned and vacuumed it. There was still cat litter under the cabinet. I got down on my hands and knees and vacuumed every centimeter of it. Sprayed bleach inside too. I also cleaned the inside of all the built-in drawers and cabinets.

I don't mind cleaning her bathroom because, God bless her, she used her employee discount to get my dance studio section mirrors at cost. AND she delivered them to my room. How cool is THAT!? But still, I had no idea how long it would take to clean the bathroom and cabinets and floors. On to mine now. Then I get to scrub the blinds in both rooms. Then tackle the mold growing around the both room. And be in bed in an hour. Yeah right.

And you thought my journal was all Vogue dancing and making out with hotties. Yeah. This is a side of Kitten I hope you never read about again. Cleaning is so NOT my forte.

My hands are all dried and cracked now from the bleach. I swear I wore gloves. I swear!!!

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