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What I'm waiting to feel before I say "yes"

Okay, the "Keep It or Kill It" game doesn't start yet. Probably not until I start unpacking. And before I can do that, I have to clean the heck out of both my old room clean the blinds and windows (mold is growing there - ick!) in my new room. One thing at a time!

On to more exciting news. My roommate shivacat and her sweetie stepchyld are engaged! She is no longer using her LiveJournal account. So if you know her, and you want details, you'll have to e-mail or call her.

Seems to be catching, this engagement thing. My ex-boyfriend from way back just e-mailed me to let me know he is engaged. It's about damn time! He and his girlfriend have been living together for somewhere between 8 to 10 years. I just assumed they didn't ever want to make it official. But it is so. Yeah!

A former co-worker of mine is also engaged. Wow.

I can't even imagine liking some one so much that you want to spend every day with them for the next 50 to 60 years. Jeez that's a LONG time!!!! To try and understand it, I often copy from people's journals descriptions of what it's like to feel that way. Here's one I found today. This must be what it feels like. I'm posting it as a reminder to myself of what it should feel like before I say "yes".

Her description...


I love him so very dearly! He makes me laugh! I love it when he makes me laugh and we make each other laugh. He makes me smile and feel all warm inside. He makes me feel that when I am under so much stress that really everything will be okay and that I will make it through. I think he is so incredibly sexy! He is handsome beyond all belief! The boy truly does make me weak in the knees! He is amazing in bed! He makes the world seem like a better place. He supports me in whatever I choose to do and leaves me to do what I must when I must. He will run little errands with me and do it happily and I do the same for him. We have so many of the same interests. Can I just say that it is everything about him that I so truly adore!


So there it is, her description. And I realize my pickyness has caused me a very long period of singlehood. But please don't let me forget to ever settle for less than what she just described.

Edited to add: I just looked online to see what a Gothic wedding would look like. I found the MOST beautiful wedding ever! Check it out HERE (click on different icons for different aspects/pictures from the wedding).

And her most amazing wedding dress here.

And the cemetery wedding photos here.

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