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Girl who dances in a cage

Friday the 13th party

First I have to say how much I LOVE having a little camera now that I can take to parties. From now on you'll see a lot of my life documented in pictures. Today is no exception.

I arrived at the Friday the 13th event at 7:30 in my nurse outfit ready to work. From there I helped set up including food at the s’mores station where I artfully arranging graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate. The set up for the party was amazing and included tents, bay hales to sit on, a fire pit, a pool for blood wrestling, bodies hanging from the ceiling, a DJ booth and dance floor, a bar set up like a morgue and of course the nurse’s station!

Remember how I was worried about how I would have to leave early if there was smoke (to protect my recently lasik’ed eyes)? Well it turned out that the nurse’s station was set up in the only smoking area in the entire venue. D’oh! This meant I had to do my nursing elsewhere. However, when I went to join the rest of the party, I found that it was pumped full of beautiful fog from fog machines. Of course I had no idea how this was going to effect my recently cut eyes. So I spent much of the evening fretting, but still managed to have fun.

Fortunately I found refuge from the fog in a tent later in the evening that I shared with vienna_la_rouge, sweetestkiss, cambler, i_feel_sick, mme_archel (and their significant others who’s LJ names I don’t know). Every time some one would walk by and peek into the tent, we would all scream at the top of our lungs like scared little horror movie campers. This became a point of interest for many party goers who wanted to know what we were screaming at (it was surprising that they could hear us since we were pretty close to the DJ and the dance floor). They would peek into the tent to find out, which would trigger more frightened camper screams. And thus we became quite the attraction at the party.

For some reason my ass was also very popular that night. Maybe it's just seeing a girl in a tight PVC mini-skirt, but I couldn't bend over without some photographer sneaking up and photographing it. By the end of the night at least 3 or 4 people had snapped pictures of my fishnet clad behind.

I'll spare you all the details and names of folks who showed up and take you straight to the pictures. Note that the theme was Friday the 13th and folks are dressed as killers, victims, or campers in their lingerie and pajamas. Warning; there's a lot of them and they're quite large.

Backstage stillbourne prepares one of the corpes.

i_feel_sick is the perfect little camper in her pink nightie with her pink bunny.

Bring me your wounded!

The lovely lingerie clad campers i_feel_sick, mme_archel and sweetestkiss.
Don't you wish you were at this party!?

cagekitten gives i_feel_sick a check up at the nurse's station.

The nurses are waiting for you!

Nurse Kitten thinks: Hmmmmm....that's odd....why doesn't this man have a heartbeat?

Poor little innocent sweetestkiss is minding her own business at the party when a crazed killer attacks her!

Oh no! It looks like killer codexwyrm has got her!

Oh hell no! sweetestkiss grabs the crowbar and takes control!

And just like any good horror movie, the killer goes down in the end.

Since this is my first time out with the camera, let me know how you like the pictures!

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</center></font>The other advantage of the new camera is being able to share the pictures instantly. After the party I went to N's work in my nurse outfit (quite a sight to his co-workers I'm sure). Since he works nights he doesn't get to go to any of these fun parties. So I showed him the pictures in my camera.

Thanks go out to ergotamine for the most amazing party! A tremendous amount of work and preparation went into this event from the decorations, organizing staff, ordering special campers gear, right down to the s'more making machines and the genuine stainless steel medical grade stethoscopes he purchased for the nurses. Thank you!!

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