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lasik done yesterday

The bright monitor bothers my eyes so I'll make this quick. I'm checking my e-mail a couple times per day but because it takes me an hour to an hour and a half to read my friends list, I won't be reading yesterday's and today's posts. Hopefully I'll be LJ'ing again by tomorrow.

For my own peace of mind I asked the doctor to re-measure the cornea of my right eye before the procedure. The second test confirmed that the cornea is thicker than normal. This goes against the research that indicates very high prescriptions (like the one in my right eye) mean very thin corneas. A thick cornea is ideal for the procedure since some of it will be burned away by the laser. So I was much more comfortable proceeding at this point.

For anyone who wants to know what happens before and during the procedure, I recommend the entry I posted a link to a couple days ago. Here it is again (scroll down past the picture and the advertisements). Mine went a little differently. Once I had the valium I started to get very relaxed and sleepy and sort of stoned. But when they layed me down under the laser machine and I realized I was about to have my lens cut, adrenaline must have overcome the drugs because I was panicked. I kept thinking about them cutting a flap in my lens and asked if I should have another valium. The room is also very cold (for the laser) and before long I was shivering from fear and cold. They gave me a stuffed iguana to hold on to and put a warm blanket over me. But I was still panicking and asked for a hand to hold. The receptionist came in and held my hand and that made a huge difference. From there it went smoothly and painlessly. I felt a pressure on my eyes as the flap was cut and found myself saying "whoa" as I watched the doctor flip it up. They counted down the laser treatment by the second; "Fifty five, fifty four, fifty three..."

Because of the huge difference in my left and right eye prescription, we opted for a different laser on my left eye. So after the right eye was complete they helped me up and we walked through this secret back area that connects the laser rooms. They told me that patients don't normally get to see this. I jokingly assured them that with my vision yet uncorrected (in the left eye) I couldn't see anything anyway. By the left eye I felt okay without the hand holding. The stuffed iguana in the Wavefront Laser room was red, unlike the blue one I had in the Visx Laser room. So me and the red iguana got comfortable under a blanket. But something was different when they put the speculum on my left eye. I could feel it! I told them a couple times "this hurts" and when they didn't take it off right away I told them it was starting to burn. They removed the speculum and added more numbing drops. Then we were good to try again. The cutting of my lens flap was the same but the laser was entirely different. Instead of a steady pulse, this "wavefront" laser danced in little waves across my eye.

I knew that N was watching the procedures on the other side of the glass wall. But what I didn't know was that a camera was fixed on my eye and he was able to watch a close up of my eye through the entire procedure on a monitor. He told me that when they put on the left speculum (the one that hurt) my eye went blood shot. And when they removed it, my eye flooded with tears trying to wash it out. He told me that once you see the close up of the entire procedure being done, you're not likely to actually want it done. Even though it's over, it's best that I never see it. I was fascinated by his description though and how my eye was a different color once the flap of the lens was pulled back.

When we got home, N wanted to go do things. I would have prefered that he stay and watch me but I can't exactly expect him to sit around and watch me sleep for hours. So I gave him my cell phone so that I could call him when I woke up. Then I took a sleeping pill and went to sleep. I woke up at 10pm and noticed right away I could actually see the numbers on the alarm clock. But my eyes were dry and my right eye was scratchy and I was pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately I had left overs to heat up for dinner. N made it to my place by 11pm.

By midnight I went back to sleep and was up at 7:15 this morning to go to my follow up. My left eye felt great and my right eye continued to feel scratchy. At the doctor's office they had me read just one line on a chart and proclaimed I was seeing 20/20. I don't know how they can tell from one line. But...ummm....okay sure. They told me the scratchiness should go away in a couple days. I also have anti-biotic and rewetting drops to help the healing process.

On my way out the door I got a few goodies. A pretty silver commuter mug with their logo on it, a stack of coupons for $100 off laser treatment for my friends, and the name and number of an eye doctor in Hawaii should there be any unexpected complications while I'm out there. I asked, "how long should I wait before I exercise?" which was secret Kitten speak for what I really wanted to say: "How soon can I hang upside down from a dancing pole?" The answer, in either case, is one week. Today I'm sitting here at work in dark glasses. I've been called everything from "our little move star" to "the terminator". One guy says "I'll be back" every time he sees me.

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