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Shall we play a game?

My life is overrun by clutter and crap. So I've devised a game called "Keep It or Kill It." Here's how it would work:

I'll post some object or thing I'm having trouble letting go of. I'll probably say what it means to me and why I don't want to let it go. You can post in reply "keep it" or you can post "kill it." An explanation of why (like "you'll never use that thing!") is helpful but not required.

This would be a HUGE help to me. Because truly I'm having trouble with this and I feel chained to and trapped by all the things I own. So I'm reaching out to my LJ community for help.

How many people would be willing to play? If I get enough replies, the game will commence! If not, I'll get my revenge by posting lame quizzes and lamenting about how I will never find a partner because there's so much material crap in my life that there's no room for them!!!



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