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Girl who dances in a cage

Notes on new floor work to standing transition

I learned two new pole tricks in one day!

Thanks to a new pole dancing DVD and an undying thirst to improve my skills with even more challenging and acrobatic tricks, I tried and succeeded at two new tricks while practicing on Saturday. The first one is this one:

And let me tell you WOW does this one hurt when you do it with bare legs and feet! Your ankle and shin are locked tight around that pole and your entire body weight is pulling them as they grip. Ouch! I can't wait to try it next time with my ankle high PVC platform boots. It's my hope that boots will spare me the pain, because this trick looks fantastic!

This next trick I learned Saturday is a spin called the Black Widow. The pictures don't do it justice because it really gives the illusion of flying through the air. It's one of the more beautiful and graceful spins:

Here's a couple more pictures of some one else doing the same trick:

The best part about the Black Widow is that it is the foundation for The Flying Pole Cat; a more advanced spin that I have been dying to learn. In this spin you start out like the Black Widow but then you let go with one hand and use it reach behind you and complete the spin in reverse. Hopefully I'm not too far from being ready to try this amazing trick. It looks like this:

AND like this:

And as if learning two new tricks weren't enough for the day, I came up with a new way to transition from floor work to standing. Before this I only knew two ways to do it, so I really needed more variety. The notes below are for me (I'll save this to my pole dancing notes section for future reference) so they may not make sense to the rest of you.

1. End a pole spin by landing on your knees near the pole.

2. Reach up and grip the pole with your left hand.

3. Raise your right leg up and rest your foot on the ground so that basically you are now kneeling on one leg (like it would look if you got down on one knee to propose to some one).

4. Push off with your right leg while standing, taking your body in complete 180 degree spin.

5. Keep your left leg out as you do this spin, with your left foot pointed at all times.

6. The left foot doesn't come down to the ground until the spin is complete.

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