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I'm moving today!

Tired beyond measure. Tired beyond reason. Oh god oh god oh god I have to get through this day and move tonight! I'm leaving at 2:30 today. I don't care if I need the paycheck. I need a nap more. And then I need to finish packing and clear the floor so transcendence1 and my new roommate Michael and my friend Shane don't trip over things while they're moving my furniture into the new room.

I'm SO excited about the new room. Instead of waking up in a dark cave like room, I will wake up to sunshine, or clouds, or beautiful rain. And on clear days I will see the Olympic Mountains from my bed, and even a small sliver of Elliot Bay (between the house and the humongous tree across the street).

But first I have to survive this day...go home...nap for 30 minutes...and pack like a mad woman.

I figured out the feng shui for everything but the desk. Feng Shui says a desk with computer should be as far away from the bed as possible. That puts it in the entry way of my room, which I'm not comfortable with. I think the whole feng shui of computer away from bedroom or at least far from bed idea is based on the idea that a computer represents work. But at home, my computer represents creativity (where I play with Photoshop) and community. So I think I may go ahead and put it between my bed and the closet.

Did I mention how unbelievably freakin' tired I am!?!?!?!?!?!

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