Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I must say that I get more and more excited about being a part of bombshellbelles every time I meet with them. Not only am I looking at an opportunity to do something I love more than anything -- performance art -- but I am really excited about the girls that I'm doing it with. First of all I'm meeting some new gals in the group (new to me anyway, not to the group per say) that approach this with enthusiasm, professionalism, fun and creativity. And what more could I possibly ask for in new friends than some one who shares my love and passion for the stage. How wonderful to be spending so much time with gals who share the same interest. And second, two of my friends have joined Bombshell Belles! m_cobweb and sweetestkiss, I'm so glad you're both part of this!

At our meeting yesterday we spent more than 4 hours researching and watching classic burlesque. I was so enthralled with the many different ways this art is performed and so enjoying the company that my ADD hardly kicked in at all. When it did, I just took a kitty break and enjoyed some time with Damien the cat. Five hours and tons of chips and salsa and cheese later, I had to leave as the meeting wound down.

And the good news is that so many girls have joined (looks like 10 or more I think) that not every girl will be able to be in every performance. This "part time" status means not doing as many shows so as to make room for everyone to have a chance. And this is great, because it means still getting to do what I love without having to worry about continuous shows and rehearsals becoming too stressful when balanced with pole practice, teaching and an active social life. So wow, maybe I really can have it all! If not, I will certainly go down in flames trying. Because life is becoming this delightful buffet and I want a lot of everything.

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