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socks and cat

I'm a Bomshell Belle!

For those of you who don't think you can handle anymore good news in my life...hold on to your hats. I got some!:

I am officially a member of the bombshellbelles. They have been on hiatus but are about to come back! And I think it's time to take my passion for performance art to a new level. I've done acting, go-go dancing, pole dancing and now I'm ready to combine my acting and dancing skills in a new medium: classic burlesque. I once performed a sort of burlesque type routine in one of glitzkrieg's burlesque contests and I really enjoyed it (Pictures from that contest here). But it wasn't a classic burlesque routine I did at all, more of a classy version of a strip tease. And what I'll be doing now will be completely different than that.

There are a lot of burlesque groups in Seattle and Bombshell Belles is different in that their emphasis is on the classical style when Burlesque was still costumes, acts, routines, being flashy without flashing, and the true art of mockery. Expect funny, entertaining group performances. Sorry, no stripping, porn or pasties here. Just pure fun!

The upside is that this Burlesque group appears, so far, to be a great fit for me! I do still get to perform as a dancer now and then but my training as an actress has gone unused. Now I may get to use some of that. I've always wanted to do burlesque again (after my one time performance) but I don't want to strip down to pasties and tiny panties. With Bombshell Belles I won't have to. There may also be an opportunity to belly dance as well as learn costuming, two things I love! And from my one meeting I've already found the group is professional, organized, mutually supportive and committed - everything I expect and want from a group.

The downside is that I'm really nervous about the time commitment. I was just starting to take on pole dancing students and my social life has exploded over the past month or two. I want to be as committed as possible and make every single meeting and rehearsal. But it will mean sacrificing social time and pole practice and pole teaching time. I don't think I can do pole practice, belly dancing class and rehearsals all in one week. Something has got to go. And I'm already telling people "I have a Bombshell Belles meeting that day" as I get invitations. Depending on what work I'm doing and what hours I'm working while I try to do this, there's always a chance it might not work and I may have to give up so I don't turn into a full time stress monkey burning the candle at both ends. But I'm entering this committed and excited and hoping I find a way to make all of life still work along with this great opportunity.

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Thems were some sweet boots, at the glitzkrieg thing.

Thanks! vebelfetzer thought so too. She asked me where I got them and got herself a nice pair just like them!
I'm aware. Or I was, at least.
Strangely, I feel the need to howl like a wolf...
That was the biggest surprise of the night really. I never expected the audience to be howling.
Thank you!
Right on K! I think this will be great for you! I'd love to do it too... but I think I still need to work more on yoga before I can.
You'd be great for it. But I don't think you should take on any commitments that take time away from your music.
That is true... but I need some help with stage presence, once I have the music together. I guess it can wait though. They "key" is to have an album first! :)
Awesome! Congrats to a very talented and hot Bombshell Belle!
Thank you!!
Well, congratulations!

God, I wish I could do burlesque again. It looks like Glitzkrieg is no more. *cry*
What happened to Glitzkrieg?
It seems one by one everyone has dropped out of the troupe. Only Vienna is still performing, as far as I can tell. :-(
LOL!!What the hell is this crap I'm hearing?! o_O
No, we are still performing. As a matter of fact, tomorrow night at the Tractor.
Yay! Glad to hear it was only a rumor.
Heh. That's what I get for listening to rumors. Never again!
Yeah, there seems to be a lot of those flying about lately. I am performing solo too, but I'm still a Glitzkrieg girl.


"but I don't want to strip down to pasties and tiny panties."

Well, well. Quite the hot little teaser.
Congrats! How fun!
Yay thank you!