Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Pole practice kicked my ass last night. In anticipation of some of the local pole dancing competitions, I decided it's time I start practicing with my heels on. I went from professional, experienced, sultry performer to stumbling idiot in about 2.5 seconds (about the time it takes to lace up my 5 inch platform high heel PVC boots).

For some reason flipping upside down onto the pole was more challenging than ever. Instead of an easy upside down flip, I felt like the platform boots made my feet weigh a ton. I also felt like my feet were weighed down during my spins. And I tried a floor work to standing transition that I learned from one of the Carmen Electra videos and damn near fell over trying to balance on the heels. I tired much more easily and my back and knees felt the stress of performing in heels.

When I originally took pole dancing classes at the S Factor Studio in Los Angeles, they had us start wearing heels by the second or third class. Now I understand why. It's far easier to learn pole dancing in heels than it is to learn in bare feet and then try to transition to heels much later. It's a bit like learning to drive in a stick shift rather than learning to drive in an automatic. If you learned in an automatic and you've been driving a year, trying to switch to and learn to drive a stick is going to present new challenges. In the new stick shift car you're going to screw up and fumble a few times, even if you're an experienced driver. It's not any different with pole work and heels. It's just frustrating to accomplish so much and be so confident in my skills and then be pushed back to stumbling and relearning all over again.

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