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socks and cat

No posts from me this week.

I got lots of comments and compliments on my little net sleeve things that I wore last night. I made them myself, sort of. They weren't actually supposed to be sleeves, but I got creative. A picture of me in them (note the Mercury hand stamp on the back of my hand):

Kitten in net sleeves

I am out of town from Sunday August 17 to Saturday night August 23.
I will have
NO internet access during that time.

I look forward to reading your journals again when I get back!!!




Well, I knew this would be the case. But I shall miss flirting with you.

Re: Sigh

Hey, there's always telepathy! ;)
In that case, since I won't be able to get in contact with you while you're away, let me just remind you that you have some excellent free-time reading material to take with you. *hinthint* :)
Thank you for the reminder...I'm packing it right now!
for someone who doesn't know how to rip up fishnets, you seem to have managed. ;)

godspeed and fare thee well.
They aren't ripped, that's the pattern they came with.
Wow, those are spiffy. I likee! Enjoy your trip. Someday I will have to get over my fear of clubs and go see you dance.
I'm back! Fear of clubs? What's THAT about!?!?!
I know, I know, I'm odd... just too many people at once for me, I think. (And smoke, smokiness BAD with asthma).
Well my dear, I guess I won't be talking to you until the 27th. I'll be out of town starting Friday. Hope you had a great time at the retreat!!!