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I'm leaving tomorrow!

Packing, cleaning, ironing, wash, rinse, repeat. I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that I will be at the Seabeck Retreat tomorrow. I mean you should feel different when you're about to go to heaven, right? I've done this retreat two years in a row (this is my third) and it truly is heaven on earth. Every day there is something for your spirit, for your mind, for your body. Everyday is spent with people you feel a strong connection to, like a family of over 200. Every day something fun. Everyday there are workshops to choose from and new things to learn and new ways to look at life that you never thought of before. Every day you get to be creative. Every day you get to support people and help them and be loved and supported in return. Many of my friends will be there. Wonderful social bonding time abounds! Food is great, all you can eat, you never have to cook or touch the dirty dishes afterward. Just eat to your heart's content and then off you go for more fun! And did I mention there is a dance there Friday night! At this retreat, for one week, life is everything I wish it could be.

Heaven on earth.

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