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SEAF and pictures

I highly recommend working as a volunteer at the SEAF next year. Aside from the fact that you don't have to pay $15 to be there, you get some extra benefits that other folks don't get. There was an entire break room just for the volunteers stocked with boxes and boxes of pizza, crackers, peanut butter, licorice and sodas.

And may I just say how completely wonderful it is to be stopped every 10 or 15 minutes by strangers so they can tell me how beautiful my outfit is. I often got the comment "that dress is beautiful" which filled me with pride since I had actually pulled 6 different separate pieces together into a one of a kind outfit that only I have (which looked like all one dress). While the pieces are all pre-purchased, the placement design of them all together is uniquely my own. So I took it as a compliment to my eye for redesigning clothes. I felt like a princess all night long floating in a sea of seemingly endless compliments. And coming from an event where so many folks are wearing their absolute best, that means even more. Even the waist cincher had been redesigned. I had bluejay add the beautiful silver buckles that I had taken from a skirt.

Things started a bit rough since my name had some how fallen through the cracks on the volunteer list. Fortuantely malixe arrived before I did and smoothed things over. Although my greeter position had already been given away, I got another assignment that let me mix and mingle all night long. One of the first people I recognized was sidhefire looking beautiful in PVC. I caught up with malixe and photosexual shortly after.

By 8pm there weren't really a lot of people yet so I took a break to check out the acts in the Little Red Theatre. One room there had burlesque performances all night. I especially enjoyed the 3 woman rendition of Madonna's "Erotic". I'm not sure, but I think one of the gals who performed in that was templar46_2's girlfriend Veronica. Does anyone know if she is a member of Burning Hearts Burlesque? In another room was body painting, and in another was two men oil wrestling where folks watching were invited to squirt oil on them. There was more to see but I went back to work, vowing to return later.

As I worked the room I discovered the folks walking about with h'orderves. The rule was that you were not allowed to serve them to yourself. So a very sexy server would ask you what you want and then feed one to you. I ran into njredhead as she was helping some one adjust her corset. I asked if she would do the same for my waist cincher as it was starting to feel a bit restricting. However I discovered that it didn't need any adjusting. It's just that it was my first time wearing one, and took some getting used to. Eventually the way it hugged by bare skin made me feel very sexy, restriction and all. imp_of_satan was looking sexy as ever in one of her custom made PVC catsuits. Expect to see lots of pictures of her on all the LJ's featuring SEAF pictures. monsignor looked absolutely regal in his formal best and onlyjanica looked stunning in red lace. And of course I got a hug from djenternaldarne and I made a point of sandwiching myself between chuckiebear and izzbot when I found them enjoying the honey dripping sculpture.

Later I returned the Little Red Theatre where I watched a man perform amazing tricks on the trapeze. Then I found the belly dancing room where I was stunned by a style of dance I had never seen before. I asked the beautiful belly dancer Kendra what it was and she called it "Egyptian Cabaret". It involved a lot of dancing on her knees and stunning back arches, which of course are similar to some of the moves I aspire to when I perform. It turns out she teaches a beginning class every Tuesday night in Queen Anne. Needless to say, I will be begin classes with her next week. I'm thrilled!!

Back out in the gallery I ran into thanos_of_titan and asked him if he knew there was a topless picture of his beautiful wife assasinpandora for sale in the gift shop. Imagine their surprise, neither of them knew. And folks wonder while I take so many of my own pictures. It's not that I don't enjoy modeling for other photographers. In fact I'm always flattered and thrilled when they ask me and there are a couple I very much want to shoot with. It's just that I like to know where my pictures are going to end up. Taking many of my own means I never have to find out later that they are for sale in some place I never expected.

Later in the night I found ocicat looking regal as ever in purple. I also got to see i_feel_sick and we chatted a bit. I ran into spikyme but minus his camera. And I crossed paths with kevinmacdonald who I probably haven't spoken to in at least a year. The biggest surprise of the night was running into obsidianrose and kety. Not only did I not know they were attending, but I didn't even know that they knew one another! And just as I was leaving, I ran into thevfrchick and we had a chance to finally catch up.

There were, of course, plenty of other folks. It was just one of those events that everyone attends and you run into people you haven't seen in ages. Many I have forgotten their LJ names or just don't know them. Be sure and pipe in if you saw me but I forgot to mention you. It was a great night and I was there 5 hours without even realizing it.


I hesitate to include pictures of my outfit because the pictures don't really give any indication of what it was about it that garnered so much attention. The sheer skirt flowed beautifully and showed just a hint of the thigh high PVC underneath. I think the flow, texture and elegance of the nearly floor length skirt is what made it so pretty (and that's just not captured in these pictures). And the waist cincher is far more fabulous than the pictures can ever show. But I'm putting a few of them up to help give some idea of what the outfit looked like:

<td></td> <td>Here is a close up of the waist cincher I recently had altered to fit (and the buckles added)</td> </tr> <td>
The back of the cincher:
</td> <td></td> </tr> <td></td> <td>You can see a bit more of the boots in this one. The sheer skirt is ankle length. The thigh high boots are solid PVC in the front but wrap around PVC with buckles in the back.</td> </tr>
My roommate snapped this shot before I left. To save time I wore a hair fall instead of doing my hair. That long beautiful piece is one of the reason I've never dyed my hair -- even though I'm just burning to be a red head. If I do, I won't be able wear that lovely fall ever again.

To see some pictures of the beautiful folks in their sexy outfits at SEAF, check out this post:

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