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socks and cat

Made my day

I just got an e-mail from some one (who shall remain nameless) who read me journal and decided to ask me:


Are you currently accepting applications for snuggle partners? :)
If so, what is required of the position, and how does one apply?


Ummm...have I mentioned lately how much I love my life!? I am a lucky Kitten!


So are you currently accepting applications?
And how does one apply?
I'm sure there are A LOT of people who want to know these answers.
I didn't think my day could get any happier, but you guys proved me wrong. You make my crappy office job bearable. I love you!!!!
You still haven't answered the question... I want to update my resume and get my app in ASAP ;-)
Well there was never actually an application process. It just sort of happens. Let's see....ummmm...reasons Kitten will snuggle with you:

1. Mutual attraction and availablity (example below)

Kitten says: Hey you're cute...I'm cute...you're single...I'm single...come here you!

2. Drunkeness (example below)

Kitten: Excuse me but I seem to be having trouble walking strai-- *THUD*!! Oh...ummm...if you could pick me up off the floor and all...can I hang onto you so I don't fall down again?

3. Tiredness (example below)

Kitten: I've been dancing all night...too...tired...to...drive................................home. Oh look, your lap looks available. Mind if I nap here?

4. Comfort

Kitten: My boyfriend just dumped me. I'll never find love. Waaaaaa! Please come over and snuggle me!

5. Ulterior Motive

Kitten: Hey! Didn't you buy me a drink last time we met? Come here you!

5. Love

No examples of this one yet. But I'm hoping...
While I would accept the job on the grounds of 1-5, I'd rather be hired because of 6.
Yeah, #6 voids out #1-5 for everyone else.
Well, I'm sure a special woman would work for 1-3 or 5. If it's really #6, #4 will never be an option again.
Dang! None of these have happened yet....

Oh well....

I guess I'll just be your stunt snuggle.

Nah. You're prime snuggle stuff. But you play hard to get.
I do????

*tries to think real hard on how*

Hmm....Must be like what I was telling you. Make sure to bring the 2X4 the next time you want my attention. ;)
It won't fit in my purse. Can I just slap you upside the head with the back of my hand?
Threaten me with a good time! ;)
Hmmmm... 1,3,4,and 5 all look good to me. 2 is something I would not want, for I do not enjoy snuggling with drunk people. However, 6 is definitely the prime reason for snugglin'.

So, um, where do I submit an application? :D

"I do not enjoy snuggling with drunk people"

Does this mean you're gonna leave me there on the floor? :( If you're not gonna snuggle me, at least drag me over to a chair or something. It's dark at the Mercury, I could get stepped on!
Heh, if you fall over drunk at the Merc, I would do my best to get you up and out of harms way.

I wanna apply too!
Okay...too much happiness ensuing. Gonna explode now! Weeeeeeeee!!! :)
Flirty McFlirtster!

This reminds me, did you ever get permission to post that poem?
Oh yes - da poooem!!!

I don't like to post too much Kitten praise back to back. Makes me look really vain. Not that I'm not. But I don't like to look that way. 'Cause no one is supposed to know.



DAMMIT!!!! I'm going to get my application in too late!!!!!!
*whimpers* Oh well.

- Three guesses.

Re: !!!!!!

Only 3 guesses? Okay...

1. I don't know.
2. I don't know.
3. The person that sent me that e-mail.

I can just see you now going...oh look Kitten is falling down drunk, time to move in for the kill...errr...I mean snuggle! ;)