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Nathan & Kitten

Picture from day 1 of Kitten-Palooza

For anyone who ever wondered what the mysterious N looks like:

N & K

N made me dinner and took me out dancing Thursday night for my birthday and my new roommate snapped this picture. You can't see the boots I'm wearing, but I'm quite proud of them because I put the design together myself. Here are the boots I'm wearing:


And to see what they looked like before I re-designed them, you can see the before picture here. That's what they looked like when I picked them up for $3 at a thrift store. N was impressed with my boot creativity. And coming from some one that does well selling the stuff he designs and makes, I was very touched by his appreciation of my crafting. It was a great night!

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You two are beautiful! WOW! He's got a gorgeous face.
Goth boys are hawt! And thank you! :)


you guys musta turned plenty of heads!

Re: hawt

Awww...thank you.

Re: Nice boots!

Thanks. I love to take scissors to my clothes and accessories and redesign them.
aww!! so cute!! goth jig is up!
The jig is SO up. Busted!!
Wow, nice job on the boots.
Much appreciated. Thank you!
What a great pic! You'll have to help me design some boots. I'll start looking for soles I can wear. Sometimes I find shoes I can wear but I think they are not so hot. Maybe I need to look at them in a different light.
The boy or the boots? Either way...THANK YOU!
I'm deadly curious how you attached the new length to those shoes! Great job!
I'm still trying to figure out how to keep them permanently attached.
tee hee!

I know that boy!
I'm not surprised! Half the time I go to introduce him to folks I know in the scene, it turns out they've known him years longer than I have. What I can't figure out is, how is it that so many people knew both of us but never thought to introduce us (other than sweetestkiss who finally did last year). I'm beginning to suspect that my friends all have hot friends that they're not introducing me to. Why are you guys holding out on me? What's up with THAT!? ;)
Thank you. :)
Yeahhhh, you two look fabulous together - like you're just SUPPOSED to be, y'know? :-P
And the boy is cute too ;-) They eyes, they jawline, to mention a few. . .

And yes, oh yes the boots. Hot, and I'm jealous! lol.
Awww...I'm all gushing now. Thank you. :)
He makes you look so tan! Seriously though, he is a cutie.

He does make me look tan, he even said so.
Cute...and what a hottie ;)
Yay! :)
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