Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Noc Noc on Saturday night

I'll have pictures of Saturday at Noc Noc, also known as day 3 of Kitten-palooza. But since they are on the cameras of other folks at the moment, it may be a while before I get them.

Mongolian Grill turned out to be the perfect place for a birthday dinner. When you have large gatherings, people tend to arrive at different times. But at the Grill you don't have to wait for everyone to be seated to order. You just get up whenever you're hungry and go help yourself. And if folks trickle in late, they can do the same. A lot of my friends have never met one another and it's always fun to watch them find things in common. darkmane and emailerin's date talked shop. Geeks are so cute when they find each other and just can't help it.

I should preface my rendition of the rest of the night's events by saying that I don't drink a lot. I would say 3 drinks a month is my average and when I go out to clubs I tend to stay sober 50% of the time simply to either save money or to be able to do acrobatic pole tricks safely (drinking and hanging upside down from a pole do not mix well). On the occasions when I do drink, two drinks is my max. Anything past that would get me drunk, and I don't do drunk. This didn't turn out to be the case at Noc Noc.

One of the things that made Noc Noc so special was the non-clubbing friends that showed up just for me. A couple folks who have never set foot in a goth club, ventured out for the night to share the celebration. My friend Shane showed up and danced his ass off with me on the dance floor. My friend Scot brought his girlfriend, who may be interested in taking pole dancing lessons from me. And Noc Noc veteran codexwyrm showed up even though he just got off work and only had 3 hours sleep the night before. That was so sweet!

And speaking of the pole, I think a couple drinks gave me the courage to do something I wouldn't normally try on the precariously placed Noc Noc pole. I hung upside down. Funny how once you learn a hand free hanging trick, the old hanging on with one hand trick seems as easy as riding a tricycle. It just wasn't so scary any more, even on a pole that is elevated 3 feet up on the edge of a stage.

So it being my birthday and all, I figured I could go crazy and have 3 drinks instead of 2. jonwa was my designated driver, making this possible. A couple folks bought me one each. Then I went up and got my third. But then Scot got me a drink too. And some one I don't even know (who was that??) handed me my first ever Jägermeister. I didn't want to be rude and turn down all the drinks, so I ended up about 3 drinks over my limit.

sweetestkiss and I took turns on the pole and eventually we paired up and made a great team up there on stage together. transcendence1 took incriminating pictures. Apparently our show was very popular. When we were in the ladies room we got all kinds of compliments and some one asked us if we were professionals.

I somehow missed out on dancing with onewolf and ratchick. Apparently this is what happens when you get drunk, you get really scatter brained and can't find all your friends. I got big hugs from sinister7133 and I think seedmoon and I got down and dirty on the pool table. But I can't be sure of either of these events as I was drunk at the time. thesyztemof7 did attempt to give me a big pick up off the ground birthday hug. But his corset had many bumpy buckles and it was not Kitten friendly. For folks that missed it, I was the one screaming "ouch!". Jaymz, you owe me a more Kitten friendly hug next time.

At one point some one was videotaping me as I danced on the pole. Ordinarily I would have put that to a stop right away. But I think in my inebriated state, I really wasn't thinking too much about it. But it didn't take me long to figure out what was going on and I informed the gentleman that because I didn't know him, I was not comfortable with him videotaping me. He was fine with that. But now I wonder who that was that now has footage of my drunken pole revelry.

Anyway, jonwa got me home safe and sound. I think there's a lot more that happened Saturday night that I can't recount at the moment. If anyone was there that would like fill in on what I forgot, feel free. I'll spare you all the long version of the hang over story from Sunday. I've only had two hang overs in my entire life, so I was really not prepared for it. Suffice it to say I didn't leave the house all day, posted online for hang over advice (thank god most of my friends are experienced drinkers, even if I'm not), and N came over just to make a run to the store for me for some Gatoraid. And thus ends the first annual Kitten-palooza 3 day long birthday celebration!

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