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A Kitten in need...

On Tuesday evening August 26th I will be upgrading my life by moving into a different bedroom in my apartment. This is a nicer bedroom than the one I have been living in for 4 years.

I'm looking for a big strong hunk of a guy...or two! help move my bedroom furniture from one room to the other. EASIEST MOVE EVER! The bedrooms are only 6 feet apart. No going up and down stairs. No loading stuff on or off a truck. Not even any boxes to move. Just a few items of bedroom furniture. And you still get free pizza! Wooo-hooo!

Come help the Kitten start a new life in a new room. Please e-mail me or post comment if you are available to help on Tuesday night August 26th.

Thank you!!!

Edited to add: Personal e-mail access at work has been restored. I can get e-mail. Yes! YES! YES!

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