Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Oh darn, now I have to go shopping for goth clothes

Operation Goth Boy begins Friday and I've been preparing all week. Steven is coming to visit from Spokane and will be staying all weekend. He's grown his hair long and its quite hot. Either Friday night or Saturday afternoon we'll hit Hot Topic, Metro and possibly The Crypt so he can pick up some gothy clothes. It should be lots of shoppy fun goodness! Then we'll dress him all up like a hot little goth boy and hit The Vogue Saturday night.

Just one problem...he doesn't know how to dance. I can't teach him because I only know girlie dance moves. Are any of you guy types planning on being at The Vogue Saturday night? Can you teach him please please please?

In preparation for his visit I've spent every evening working on cleaning and tidying up the place. One night it was mopping the bathroom and scrubbing the shower tile. Last night it was vacuuming and cleaning the inside of my car as well as vacuuming my bedroom and the stairs in the hall of our apartment. Another night it was tidying and putting away books and paperwork. I'm working my ass off and I can't remember the last time my room was this clean. Wait, yes I can. Probably not since N and I started dating. But once I saw how messy N's room is all the time, I pretty much let mine go to hell to match. I figured that would make him more comfortable. But now it's guest ready clean all over again! Which is nice, because it will also be tidy for my birthday next week.

So how 'bout it guys? Who's going to teach the goth-for-a-night boy how to dance on Saturday?

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