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Hello, I'm Kitten and I'm a clothes-a-holic

Now that I have completed my PVC pants collection (I have a grand total of 1 jeans style black PVC pants, 1 buckles and studs tighter pair of black PVC pants, and 1 black PVC chaps that my roommates got me for my birthday this year), I only need a few things to complete my goth wardrobe.

Kitten's wish list:

  • Black knee high lace up boots - flat (no heels, kinda combat boot style)
  • Black or red PVC cropped halter top
  • Cropped style lace up corset
  • Black PVC gauntlets

That should do it! If you spot one of these items in a thrift store, be sure and let me know. And since I dance for Utopia, a school girl costume would of course be a necessity. I've always wanted to wear pig tails and a naughty school uniform outfit for go-go dancing. I've narrowed my choices down to two of my favorites:

#1 #2

Keep in mind that if I were to wear #2, I would have to wear a bra or something under the shirt (because it's not THAT kind of club and I'm not THAT kind of girl)!

Not buying any of these now. But perhaps dreaming about them will motivate me to find a permanent job -- so I can buy them. Can't wait to wear those pigtails!!!

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