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kneeling back arch/leg scissor swing combination

Hmmmm...isn't this interesting? A post about a serious current event presented with a point of view designed to challenge and stimulate new thoughts and ideas gets nowhere near the number of comments that a mundane post about my pole dancing does. What do you suppose that means?

Well, it's just a post with notes on Monday night's pole work out. But folks seem to enjoy it.

Monday night's work out kicked ass. I've been using the 10 minute remix of Conjure One's Center of the Sun to warm up and the sensual music is a perfect rev up for pole dancing. As far as tricks and spins go, I'm still recovering from my time off. My endurance and muscle mass is low, and I tire after only one song. Granted the songs are 5 minutes or more but 5 minutes of lifting your own body weight (in my case about 102 pounds) over and over again can wear you out fast.

I've been perfecting a new floor move I made and I'm putting the notes here so I can add to my memories section for future reference. As usual, these notes may not make sense to anyone but me. I'm naming it the kneeling back arch/leg scissor swing combination

1. Do any pole move that ends with your knees on the floor.

2. Once kneeling on the floor have both legs on one side of the pole and sit up on your knees.

3. Reach above you with one hand, grasp pole, and lean with back of shoulder to the pole.

3. Slowly slide straight down until you are sitting with you butt planted on your heels.

4. Push pelvis forward (this movement will part your knees wider as well as help create that beautiful upside down U back arch) arch your back and let your head hang back as you slowly melt backwards toward the floor.

5. Before your head touches the floor, begin a slow rise to sit up.

6. Do this in one fluid move, there should be no stopping and starting noticable: Once sitting up, move your hips and butt to the side so you are sitting on the floor instead of your legs and heels.

7. Sweep your legs up unto a fan like V (or like scissors) and let the momentum of the leg swing carry you around onto your knees.

8. Grab the pole and rise up to a standing position the way they taught you at the S Factor Studio.

This move actually ends with me on my hands and knees with my butt/back to the pole. I need to come up with some fancy (not dirty) move from that position. But I'm stuck for ideas. I think I need to ask a real stripper.
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