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Random thoughts, still high from the weekend

Damn. I so want to lock up yesterday's journal entry. It's got way too much personal information to be floating around for public consumption. But if I discuss some one who is not on my friends list then I try not to lock it as friends only. Not that I want them to read it (because it could embarrass me). But at least I don't feel like I'm talking about them behind their back or anything.

I'll give it until tonight and then I'm SO locking that post.

Lance still lingering in my mind. How could he not? It's hard to resist a man who tells me how often he thinks about me. And he was all PVC'ed out and treating me special. When we left the Mercury, I was so tired I could barely walk up the alley. He swept me up into his arms and carried me to the car. *swoon!*

I do adore Lance but I don't want to think about him anymore. I don't want to think about any man in a preoccupied can't stop sort of way. So I'm going to send him a little thank you e-mail and move on. I have to say though, how very happy I am that he got meaningful work. Not just a survival job like he was looking for here in Seattle, but a real job that uses his skills. He's a different, more confident, happier person for it. I think that's what makes him more attractive to me these days. Happiness is very sexy.

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