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Pole dancing notes - hip rotation back slide combination

Every once in a while I pick up or learn something new when I work out on the pole at home and I mention it in my LJ thinking that's a good place to keep the notes so I can look back on them later in case I forget the new trick or move. But I never created a category for this in my memories section, so those notes are kind of lost and scattered over random months in my LJ. So I'm going to make a category for it today so I can save this new trick.

The last time I was at the Vogue I watched Mistress V work her magic on the pole. She does this fabulous move where she manages to undulate her stomach (kind of a wave motion with the body) while the back of her body slides down the pole. I asked her about it and explained to her that I wasn't able to execute that move with anywhere near the spectacular performance she manages with it. She explained to me that this was for two reasons: 1. My body is smaller. A larger or more rounded/plump body will have more exaggerated motion when undulating. 2. All my moves come from the center of my body (since my abs are my strongest point) rather than from my feet. She showed me how to come up on my toes when undulating to create a more exaggerated motion when sliding down the pole. I'm switching the move to a hip rotation as it works better for me than undulating when doing this trick and doesn't require as much balance.

So after practicing a few of my old stand by tricks on the pole last night, I tried the new move with some of her advice. I ended up altering it to fit me (so it doesn't look like her move exactly) and it worked quite nicely. The move doesn't have a name so I suppose I should give it one. Here are the notes to self for the hip rotation back slide combination:

1. Lean against the pole with the back of your shoulder and neck. Reach above your head and grasp the pole with one hand for support.

2. Plant feet a good distance out from the pole (and shoulder width apart), even a little further than would normally be comfortable.

3. Do the hip rotation (same one learned in the S factor dance studio). This time come up on your toes on the up rotation and back down on your heels during the down rotation.

4. Continue the rotation as you very slowly slide down with your back against the pole. Throw in an undulation when possible but return to hip rotation as you near the floor.

5. Once you get too low to continue rotation, thrust abs up and arch your back and let your head fall back so you can do the same kind of rise to your feet that you do after the corkscrew spin (body in an upside down "U" shape). Remember to rise slowly, one vertebrae at a time as this is much more graceful and fluid.

And that concludes today's notes and lesson. Now if I could just find all the other entries in my LJ where I took such notes, I can compile them in my memories section for easy referral before each pole practice.
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