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Fetish and cages and snuggles OH MY!

Hot damn! Lance is in town and he'll be at Noc Noc tonight! Lance gives me snuggles and sweet kisses when he visits. I think I'm starting to purr already.

And bdsm_teddy has the cage reserved for me. Or possibly a spot on stage. Ooooohhhhhh yeeeeaaaahhh!!!

Back is acting up though for some reason. Arrggh. I'll take a hot shower now and then ice it on and off for an hour or so.

The shopping binge continues. I hit a goth garage sale today. Oh my god I will never miss another goth garage sale as long as I live!!! Wow! I was there and saw the most amazing, beautiful, long velvet hooded cloak. It was in fabulous condition and I know they cost around $100 new. So I figured she'd be asking $40 or at least $30 for the thing. But no, only $10. I grabbed it up and now I'm the proud owner of this gorgeous thing. Not sure where to wear it though. I'm afraid to take it to a club, it will end up smelling all smokey.

While running errands today I also nabbed a hot pair of jeans for only $22. They are pretty tight though. So basically I can never gain even an ounce or I will never be able to wear these jeans or my new PVC pants ever again. And Ross had a fishnet shirt (that actually fit me!) for only $7. Now I can be miss stereotypical goth girl in my PVC pants and fishnet shirt.

Yippeeeee! Shopping high. New clothes. Cage dancing tonight! Snuggles tonight! Oh gawd I am a happy HAPPY HAPPY girl!!!!!!


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