Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

How your marriage impacts your health

I've often talked about how having a job you love and enjoy benefits every aspect of your life. Now there's a study that proves something similar with happy relationships. Your marriage has an impact on your health:

Study: A happy marriage can help mend physical wounds

From the article:

"Overall, couples took longer to heal when asked to thrash out points of conflict than neutral issues. Hostile couples - peppering both discussions with criticism, sarcasm and put-downs - healed the slowest. It took them 40% longer, or two more days, to heal, and they also produced less of the proteins linked to healing."


"On the upside, good marriages may buffer couples against the stress of demanding jobs in which the worker has little control. In a study with 201 married adults, those in high-strain jobs had higher blood pressure at the start, says University of Toronto psychiatrist Brian Baker.

A year later, though, spouses in pleasurable marriages actually improved a couple of points in diastolic (bottom) blood pressure readings, despite their rough jobs. Meanwhile, those who seldom enjoyed talking or activities with their spouses had about a 3-point rise in blood pressure after coping with stressful jobs for a year

Does anyone have any personal experiences with this that they'd like to share? Feel free to post in comment!

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