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Interviewing is all the rage again!

luciffin and livingdeadpan sent me fabulous interview questions! Below are my answers.

If you would like to be interviewed, post a comment letting me know. I will reply with 5 questions that you can paste into your journal and answer.

First, livingdeadpan's 5 questions:

1. If you could make up a new tarot card to describe yourself, what would you be? What would the picture look like?

A dancer in cage of course! Is there a dancer Tarot card already? The dancing would be to symbolize growth and self expression. The cage would symbolize that the prize within is too precious to be allowed to escape. So whoever draws this Tarot card could read it as a message that they are coming out of their shell and they are of deep value to some one.

2. You've just spent three months as a Borg. How was it?
It rocked. Never alone. You can always hear the voices of millions in your head. And just as in Taoism, all are one. No dancing though, and that would suck.

3. Cats or dogs?
You have to ask!? Meow.

4. How the heck did you get that name?
My given name is unusual, I’ve only met 2 other people with this name and heard of 2 or 3 others online. Basically my mother named me after my father’s ex girlfriend. She never met the woman, but she heard the name and liked it.

5. You lose a leg tonight. Describe your life tomorrow.
In the hospital of course! I’m sitting in bed recovering, watching the Sci-Fi channel and planning Seattle’s first dancing school for the disabled (I’ll be the teacher)!

And luciffin's questions:

1) what’s one characteristic about yourself that you loath?
Procrastination. I can’t get anything done and I lose out on major opportunities in life because I’m never ready for them (instead of preparing I was procrastinating).

2) What’s the one thing that you that will always make you smile?
I can only pick ONE!? Okay, being appreciated.

3) Do you ever eat cookies in your bed?
Only if my judgment is impaired by an herbal substance.

4) What’s your first childhood memory?
I was between 1 ½ to 2 ½ and my hippie mom and her first husband were having a party. Somehow I got my hands on a beer and all the adults were like, “ohhhh…how cute” as I sipped from the beer can.

5) Who is your idol in life? If not, what do you hope to become like someday?
My idol is Madonna. Spiritual, self-aware, does yoga every day, shrewd business woman, hard worker, beautiful, strong, bold, still sexy into her later years, never stops pursuing what she loves and wants to do and no matter how successful she is she continues to set higher goals for herself.

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