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Anyone tired of all my "I love my life" posts yet? Okay, how about "I love my life in Seattle"? Umm...that's different, right?

Today Seattle actually looked like Seattle! The unnaturally blue sky finally succumbed to a smoldering grey and the air cooled, moistened to the perfect taste of almost raining. And finally the sky opened up and drenched the ground, as if to say to me, welcome home! Now THIS is the Seattle I adore!

Tonight I went to the potluck dinner party of cjcollier and mommy to be hannahadams. I have to say it's one of the coolest things in the world, to me anyway, to walk into a party and recognize the faces of people you enjoy being around. It's also fun to get to chattin' with folks and suddenly find out you read their boyfriend's journal or are on the friends list of one of their friends. Little degrees of separation getting smaller and smaller. I chatted at length with starfish77. I also spotted ziptie and jclawshe as well as his lovely girlfriend.

I also met photographer Ian, who wanted to shoot my dance performance Friday (even though we had never met). I felt kind of funny about it because I was concerned about what other people would think - like I brough my own paparazzi or something. So I suggested he shoot at Utopia instead. And I was thrilled to see my non LJ friends Keven and Lars as well. Although Kevin does have an LJ, I just can't remember the name it's under.

And just a reminder to self; mail Lars about the speed dating idea. We've decided to gather our friends (online and otherwise) and organize our own speed dating session among friends. For fun and matching up, not for profit. Not sure where we can find a free venue for this though.

Okay, getting too tired to record anymore about how much I enjoyed tonight. It's funny though, it's a different kind of "enjoy" than I do on clubbing and/or wild party nights. I didn't dress up or tramp out in a sexy outfit. I didn't drink. I didn't dance. I didn't get wild. I just sat comfortably and enjoyed the company of some cool people. Oh, and I ate....and ate...and ate...and...ohhhhh...I'm SO full!!!!

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