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Luau at the Mercury!

Fabulous night last night at monsignor's Mercury birthday party! It was JQ's birthday too and I got to meet her. I was admiring the lovely flower in her hair and she gave me one to wear too!

The challenging part was trying to figure out what to wear to a Hawaiian themed party at a goth club. Doh! So here's my rendition of a...

Hawaiian Goth Girl

Hawaii Goth

Note the shiny black top that had nothing but criss-crossing sraps in the back (that's the "goth" ingredient) and the black flowered sarong. I also wore a red Hawaiian leigh. I'm so NOT used to going out to a club on a week night. But I really enjoyed it and want to do it more often.'s not just for weekends anymore!

What I was not prepared for was "lounge night." Apparently every first Monday of the month at the Mercury is Lounge Night and they play this...well...50's and 60's lounge music. I couldn't dance to any of it of course. I mean I thought about going out onto the dance floor and flailing about in a goth sort of way. But it wouldn't fit the music, which was more appropriate for a slow dance for two. How romantic really!

I chatted with eonen, debating the finer points with a friend of hers on how to disguise your sexual orientation in order to finagle one's way into the armed forces. And Eonen, when I win the lottery I am going to BUY you those pilot lessons! You just light up when you talk about being a pilot. You gotta do it!!! I got to hang with thevfrchick and met thecrowgoddess as well as some others who's LJ names I am struggling to recall so I can check out their journals. Forgive me! I need more sleep before I can do that (the remembering part)!!!

There was a lovely buffet of Hawaiian fruit and Monsignor graced his guests with leis (I got the red one!) and chocolate and even some pictures that he took at the Vogue. He gave me an adorable one he took of me and templar46_2. In the picture I am in his arms and have this sort of guilty/fun look on my face as if I was just caught doing something I know I shouldn't be doing...but of course enjoyed myself anyway. Sort of like Monsignor's birthday party really. I know I should be home going to bed early to catch up on all the sleep I was missing...but I was out enjoying myself anyway!

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