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Attempting to that the crazyness is over. Or is it?

So does anyone recognize the characters in my new icon?

Loved going to service at Center For Spiritual Living on Sunday. People recognized me immediately and I got to bask in the kind words of those who so enjoyed my dance performance on Friday. It's so cool to be recognized days and even months later by people who spot me and say, "Oh you're the one that did that dance. I loved your dance!"

My favorite compliment was from the teacher who said that her Sunday school students have been telling her that the dance was their favorite part of the talent show. I'm boggled. I can't begin to imagine what it is about my dancing that appeals to children.

And it is my greatest pleasure to give thanks to those who have supported me and made it possible for me to do the performance...

Thank you transcendence1 who gave me the CD on which I found that beautiful song that inspired me to dance the way I did. And thank you for taking me out last week so I could relax and decompress and not go crazy. And finally, thank you for coming to the show!

Thank you stillraven for the beuatiful jazz shoes that made me feel like a REAL dancer up there on stage! And for you posted comments and support!

Thank you darkmane for coming over before the show and helping me get ready. If it wasn't for that massage I probably would have been a bundle of knots up there on stage!

Thank you shivacat for your input and support. You were there to critique my dance while it was still in stages and being worked on. You even tossed me a couple great moves to use. And I SO appreciate you and stepchyld coming to the show to support me!

And thank you friends, both old and new, who have put up with me saying "I can't, I have rehearsal" over and over like a broken record and for not dismissing or forgetting me while I devoted all my time to my dream of being a performance artist.

August will be me reconstructing my life and finally getting to say "yes" to a few invitations. Sadly, not all of them yet. My roommate search will envelop some of my evenings. And I will be gone at a retreat from August 17th to August 24th. But I miss my friends dammit! Get ready to start seeing more of Kitten. A danced out, looking for roommates, on the prowl for a good time, happy Kitten!

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