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TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! My first solo performance in front of hundreds of people!

I got a lot of encouragement last night at tech rehearsal, which surprised me. Because I actually felt myself stumble a few times. I'm not talking about falling down kind of stumble. But my footing was off and I had to struggle a couple times to gain my ground. This was probably due in part to dancing in brand new jazz shoes that I've never danced in before. But also due to the fact that there were actually people in the audience for this rehearsal! That might have made me extra nervous.

So there I am after my performance not feeling especially good about it...when people start telling me how much they liked. I think the compliment that meant the most came from a pre-teen stage hand. I mean a KID actually thought my dance was cool!!!! It passed the youth test!

Two of the girls waiting to rehearse told me how much joy it brought them to watch me. Oh heavens that's the best compliment EVER! I asked about the stumbling, and they assured me that I was the only one who noticed it.

Well thank God for that! This means I can relax a little up on stage tonight and not worry so much about my footing. Because if I'm the only one who notices when I stumble a bit, then who cares if I stumble!!!

I still have some inflammation in my back. And I may not get to complete my kneeling bend backwards arch with my head all the way to the floor as I had hoped to. But all this last minute aggravation of injuries just adds drama to the whole thing. Even the MC is jumping on the opportunity to dramatize all this. During my introduction he'll be talking about how I'm recovering from a serious accident just in time to do my first solo performance.

Oh! The drama!!!! ;)

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