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socks and cat

the day after

I had to scrape about an inch of ice off my windshield this morning. I was in a hurry and finally just poured some warm water on it (not boiled or heated, just warm from the tap). Can I crack my windshield doing this? I also noticed the local golf course was frozen over this morning.

I got many Valentine surprises last night. I let myself get all worked up and anxious over this holiday for nothing. I don't want this day to ever put pressure on me or anyone I care about and I really wanted to skip it. But now I realize that this isn't always necessary. And I like being surprised. :)

I have nothing on my plate at my temp job today. I'll be posting bunches. No rants though. I did enough of that yesterday to last the month. Any suggested topics?


Glad to hear your V-day went well. ;)

Email me if you're uber-bored.
Philosophy: I have been thinking lately about how you never escape your past. Even if at the time you did. Not that it sneaks up on you later .. or someone finally figures it out. But everything you do - builds your character. One Thread in a huge Tapestry - One experience at a time. And when you find out that the game you played when you were young .. and when you realize your still doing it - Reality smacks you in the face and says, "Wake Up!"

Oh, the morning bagle is stale and the coffee is cold. But you down it anyway.

Woah - sorry for the strangeness - just really thinking a lot today.
> Can I crack my windshield doing this?

I think physics would dictate that you can, although its probably unlikely as you did it.

Auto windshield glass, although tempered and reinforced with a thin plastic to keep the shards from flying in a collision, is still glass, i.e., susceptible to fractures caused by rapid expansion due to violent temperature shifts, even though its state of matter is in many ways more like a superviscous liquid than a true solid.

There's a point where, if the glass and ambient temperature are cold enough and the water you use is warm enough, that -- depending on an array of variables including the shape of your windscreen and exactly where and how you pour the hot water -- it could crack under quick expansion. More likely, if you have a tiny (and perhaps unnoticed) dimple, star, or crack already started, the temperature shift could promote its expansion even if it were insufficient to start a new crack by itself.

If I were in your situation, I'd have the car's interior and engine warming, and I'd try pouring windshield wiper fluid on the windshield. It interferes with the ice's integrity chemically rather than thermally and is probably just as effective without risking a crack due to the temperature change.

My $0.02... Safe winter* driving to you.

* That should be "winter" since we live in Seattle... ;)
Can I crack my windshield doing this?

Oh yeah!
They sell windshield deicer that is alcohol based. There would be no danger in using that.

My suggested topic is......


Dragons - "what know ye of dragons?"

My $0.02: (Deicer)

1) put a piece of card board or a heavy sheet over your windshield(s)
Advantage: Fast and easy to get your windows clear
Disadvantage: looks stupid, wet/cold item needs to be dealt with, need to remember to put it on before you go to bed.

2) Use deicer (as mentioned above)
Advantage: melts the ice chemically so the stuff will not refreeze to your cold windshield
Disadvantage: expensive, and it is not the most enviro friendly stuff.

3) Continue using tap water.
Note: it just doesn't get cold enough in Seattle for this to be a problem, Just don't pour hot water on it. I've done this is sub-zero temps and haven't had problems, other than the water wanted to re-freeze to the window( but at least I could see through it), and as someone pointed out above, yes this could still cause a chip/ding to crack and spread.
Advan: Cheap and easy (Envrio friendly)
Disadvantage: may need quite a bit to clear all of your windows, and may not work on a really cold morning. On particularly cold mornings it may take a mixture of this and deicer to keep it from re-freezing to you windshield.

4) Break down and buy one of those scrapers that have a long reach and a hood or mitt over the hand. (I love mine)
Ad: buy once, use for a long time (eco friendly)
DisAd: Time consuming

5) Negative - (IE Don't do this) This one should be obvious but I will state it for the record.
Don't start your car and leave it running to warm up and defrost and then go back into your house/apartment.
Lots of cars are stolen this way every year. I'm not sure about Seattle proper, but I believe Tacoma has a law against doing this. Besides it wastes gas and polutes when it's not needed (as opposed to sitting at a traffic light in idle)

The bad news: It supposed to be cold for the rest of the week (in the mornings)
The good news... You live in Seattle and this will probably be the last big cold snap of the winter. And if things continue the way they are, in a few years you might never have to deice your car again!!!!*

* Let's hear it for global warming!!!!

yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss. hehhehee.
Heyyyy. . . . here's my story. I saw something you said in some community (maybe thequestionclub?) and as sometimes happens, what you said made me more curious to who this cagekitten was so I wandered over here, thought you seemed interesting enough, saw the pic you posted of the kitties in the sink, figured that since it was public and said absolutely nothing personal besides - look! the two most absofrickenlutely adorable cats in the world! - that you probably wouldn't mind if I shared the pic with others. So I explained how I wander to journals like that sometimes and said "hey, look at this from cagekitten's lj!" and gothhippiegrrl said "Hey, she's a friend of mine and I think you'd like her.". So I decided to take a stab at adding you and seeing if you were up for a new friend :-P

So what'cha say? hah, seriously though. If you're not up for anyone new, let me know and I can respect that though.
What do I say? I say...welcome to my LJ!!!
haha, thanks very much!

ps- you have some great icons =)
you should post to the chaos post. I am sure we could stir a few ideas in boredom? ha!
If you use lukewarm tap water in large quantities there shouldn't be a problem concerning cracked windshields. Even lukewarm water is warmer than the snow/ice on your windshield, so it'll help melt it enough for you to get it cleared off enough to drive, and your defroster will do the rest :)
Much much safer and more effective to just break down and buy a gallon of low temp washer fluid. I use one or two bottles every year, just during the freezing days.
Pull the wipers off the window first, in case they are frozen to the glass. If they are you might burn out their motors. Then squirt the fluid on the glass, pop the wipers back down, and the fluid will melt the ice in a few swipes.
Switch back to cheapo fluid or water once it warms up.
Safer, faster, easier, etc.