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No rest for the wicked Kitten

Superfast update before I run off to the doctor here. I did actually get to relax quite a bit last night. It turned out stillraven's phone went all wonky yesterday, so I couldn't get a hold of her. But God bless her! She's coming all the way out here this afternoon just to drop off the jazz shoes so I can have them for rehearsal tonight and the SHOW tomorrow. Thank you!!!!

Doctor said yesterday that the lower back muscles are indeed inflamed. I have a metaphysical theory about this, which I will share when I don't actually have to be somewhere in 20 minutes. jalajscion said yesterday I need to listen to my body and just rest and not dance. I told him I'm listening to my soul and my spirit instead, which calls me to do this. He said that if I'm not going to listen to my body, that I shouldn't complain about the pain. A warning from me ensued not to read my LJ then if he doesn't want to see that. But truly, I don't feel like I'm complaining. I still love my life. I just plan to share these downs as well as the ups.

Rehearsal tonight.

Saturday night -- work at UTOPIA as a dancer.

Monday night -- to a chiropractor in Bellevue for a second opinion. He'll get me at my worst (after mucho dancing) which is good. I want to be diagnosed at my worst, not after 3 days of rest!!!
Then try and make monsignor's birthday party at the Mercury the same night.

Tuesday night -- massage after work at chiropractor's office.

And somewhere this weekend I will clean the hell out of this place and create time to show the apartment to prospective new roommates.

I plan to be back at work by noon today. Will do much filing. Off to take on the day now!

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