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I have a problem. No, I have two right now.

#1. Ow. Owwww. Lower back muscles are inflamed. Bad. Hurt. I think I don't know how to warm them up properly before doing the two back arches required in my dance solo. Or I tried too hard to on the kneeling arch to go so far back that my head touches the floor. But dammit! I could touch my head to the floor before the car accident and I am determined to do it again now!

With this kind of injury going on, I shouldn't be in the show and I certainly shouldn't be working as a dancer at the Catwalk on Saturday night. But news flash: I have to be in the show. There simply is no backing out now. And I'm already skipping work at the Catwalk on the 3rd Saturday of August (I'll be out of town). There's just no way I can miss the 1st Saturday as well. My reputation of reliability as well as my paycheck are riding on this.

#2 I need to be 3 places tonight. I can fit only two most likely.

A) First things first - straight to the chiropractor after work. But he can't really do anything for the muscles. That will have to wait until Tuesday next week when I have a massage scheduled.

B) I also need to drive over to the Eastside and pick up a pair of black jazz shoes that stillraven has generously offered to loan me for my performance. I really need those!

C) Tonight is goth coffee at the Aurafice Cafe (aka Goffee). And this is not just social fun. I actually need this for my sanity. If there's one thing I've learned over the last couple of weeks, I get very depressed and upset during times of stress like this without some decompression time. I need to relax for a couple hours there. I need to be around friends. And most of all I need to find some cute male friend and curl up in his lap and get some quality snuggle time. Snuggling has been scientifically proven to improve white blood cell and hemoglobin count (i.e. immune system boost) as well as improve overall mood and sense of well being. Not to mention how incredibly nice it is to just curl up with a cute boy!!! As far as I'm concerned, this is JUST as important as my trip to the doctor today. I have rehearsal tomorrow night and the show on Friday. So tonight is my last chance to get my snuggle on.

I wonder if I can fit in all 3 and still get enough sleep tonight to do a full day of work and then rehearsal tomorrow?

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