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Don't let my post about crazy man-handling guy fool you. It was a good weekend. The three parties in one day plan for Saturday was risky as I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be go-go dancing that night or not. Fortunately I didn't need to.

I haven't made jewelry in over a year so I brought my entire huge bead collection (about 12 large boxes full) to the beading party. My hope was to sell the entire collection all at once (not necessarily at the party, probably on eBay) so I can just have it off my hands. But I discovered I can actually make more selling bits of beads individually. Imagine my surprise when I left the party $20 richer. I also was so inspired by some of the jewelry designs that the other gals made that I'm tempted to make a few more pieces before unloading my bead collection.

The SnM Underworld Party was incredible. Everybody was there. I wouldn't even attempt to list every LJ handle but trust me when I say the place was packed. Eventually it got kind of claustrophobic in there and the party began to overflow outside the store into the lobby area. Lots of good food, friends and tempting shopping. I even got to hang out with N for a bit and watch him in action as he marketed his stuff. We tried to sneak away briefly to talk outside and the door guy stopped him on the way out. "Hey," he said. "You can't take her with you!" Hehehe. Apparently there's a rule at this party that you can't kidnap the corseted chicks. I also discovered that when you are wearing a fully laced up corset, you can fill up on a 4 crackers with salmon and a piece of sushi. Apparently that's all it takes until you unlace your corset. I also discovered that you can loose cracker crumbs down your cleavage. Yeah, it was a fun party. Be sure and visit the store at it's new location if you haven't been there already.

After two parties in a row I just wasn't in the mood for a 3rd. Instead of the cocktail party I joined friends for a night of dancing at Noc Noc. I discovered that pole dancing is twice as fun when I do it together with onewolf. And even poae joined me later in the night. And I was amazed at the number of people who hit Noc Noc after the Underworld party. I guess it was just the place to be. Apparently dancing is just what I needed because it just felt fabulous. I even jumped up on my old go-go stage which was always open. The pole is still precariously placed on the very edge of the stage, making it too dangerous to spin on. I did finally attempt a couple simple spins but discovered that because the tiny stage puts my feet at people's shoulder level, and it's right over the dance floor, I can easily whack some one in the head if I do a spin (I figured this out from observation, not from actually whaking anyone in the head). So I can't do any fun tricks there, but I'm excited by the idea of having to improvise and come up with new moves just because I can't spin on it. Necessity is the mother of invention, or creative improvisation as the case may be.

And by the way, DJ Shane rocks my world. Right in the middle of the night, in the midst of back to back gothy music, he plays Billy Jean. The amazing thing is, everyone loved it. We all packed the dance floor to Michael Jackson and had a blast. Unfortunately after onewolf left, I discovered I was the only one of my friends that was not drunk. What can I say? Some of us gotta drive home at the end of the night. I did have one drink that night, as codexwyrm has introduced me to tequila shots. But who needs to be drunk when you're dancing your ass off and surrounded by your friends? Bliss.

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