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Oh hey, great idea putting a dog in my dance routine!

I just saw the video of my rehearsal tonight. Notes to self (and question for you at the bottom):

1. Do something with the face. Too much concentration and fear on your face right now. You're an actress Kitten...act! Act! Act like you OWN that stage and you know what the hell you're doing.

2. SLOW DOWN! You keep getting ahead of the music. Let the music catch up to YOU.

3. Slow down the backwards run after the leap & crouch. SLOW DOWN. And stay crouched down as low as you can when you run backwards.

4. During the kneeling back arch -- slow down, bend over backwards and let your head touch the floor. You could touch your head to the floor before the accident and it will be a tremendous victory to do it again after the accident!

5. On the last slide to the ground, lead with your RIGHT foot. 1st slide to floor work in the middle of the routine is with the left. Just remember, left...right...left...right...LEFT...RIGHT.

6. Find a new hair style for the performance. It flops around too much right now.

And GOOD job with the dog. Yes a dog! A DOG WONDERED ONTO STAGE during my rehearsal. I don't know who the hell brought their dog to rehearsal. But I just smiled at it and kept dancing.

And delemma: It doesn't look so great to do the routine in socks. But I can't afford black jazz shoes. Any suggestions? Only 2 days until the show and no time to shop.

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