Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


First of all thanks go out to maxmin for letting me steal this goth icon.

I went dancing last night, mostly to try and get back into shape for go-go dancing again. It was supposed to be about exercise but I ended up having tons more fun than expected. It was one of those nights where the DJ tried to kill me by playing good songs back to back to back.

I got watched a lot but only a couple guys had the courage to approach me to compliment my dancing. One of them asked, "Do you dance professionally?" Why is it that when some one asks me this, I still have trouble saying "yes"? I mean when a club manager asks me to come to their club and dance all night on stage and entertain his patrons and then gives me a paycheck at the end of the night...isn't that professional? And I show up on time, I make sure to eat enough before showing up so I don't get tired, I wear outfits specially purchased for that kind of work, I keep my breaks to a minimum and all other manner of professional practices. Isn't that professional? But instead of admitting I'm a professional I just sort answer questions like that with, "Well sort of, I mean I go-go dance sometimes." The nice gentleman followed up my answer with, "Well your dancing is spectacular. I really enjoyed watching you."


You know I like the appreciation and enjoyment of what I do more than I like the money. I should take a survey of all the artists around here (painters, graphic artists, writers, etc.) and see, if they had a choice, which they would prefer: Getting money for their art or having a ton of people see it and enjoy it.

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