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socks and cat

Advice to single guys...

So I'm going through my friends page last night and I see some one has posted a poem in their journal. Cool, I love it when people post their art!

So I'm reading it...and reading it...and reading it...and OH MY GOD it's about ME! Whoah! Wow! *swoon!*

There was a confirmation at the bottom of the post that it was indeed about me (which is good, because who knows it could be about some other pole dancing Kitten - one should never be too presumptuous).

Guys, if you're single or just looking to sweep a girl off her feet, do poetry. Don't know how? Try it anyway. Does it suck? Then take a poetry class. But poems knock our socks off. They are more meaningful than flowers and unlike said flowers, the poem doesn't die after a week. It lasts a lifetime, on paper and in our hearts.

If I get his permission, maybe I'll post it (anonymously of course).


I was...

aware of this. :-)

Re: I was...

Dude, that last poem you posted for your girlfriend was just amazing. I will probably be printing it and saving it because it was so beautiful.

aw, shucks.

You're too sweet. :)


Does writing music for someone have the same impact?

Re: hm

If the music is for them, inspired by them or about them, I would think so. I can only speak for myself though. And if some one wrote music for me, I would want it recorded to CD so I could paly it over and over again. In my car, at my office, or better yet...in the bedroom. ;)

Re: hm

Your reply implies that no one's ever done this for you before. >:-D

Re: hm

Gosh no. I don't know anyone who's ever had music written for them.

Re: hm

I actually wrote a song for a woman I had never met or really talked to much, a friend of a friend, just because of the intense energy I felt from our connection.

One day a friend and I were chatting on Messenger when her friend came in and my friend mentioned her name. I immediately tuned into her energy signature through her name (did I mention that I am an empath?). She asked me to try connecting with her, so I did and the intensity was too much for her and everytime my name was mentioned after that she started complaining about me. I knew that she was reacting the opposite of how she really felt and just kept telling my friend to tell her hi for me. :-)

Finally, she gave me her email address and we started chatting and tried to connect with each other psychically. It was very intense... I could feel her in every single one of my chakras and found myself with a raging hardon when suddenly the connection broke. She said that it felt like I was touching her cheek and it freaked her out. I love brushing my hand along a woman's cheek, and caressing her ears and hair, while gazing deeply into her eyes, so it didn't surprise me that she picked that up.

Anyway, here I am with all this energy that I needed to express for her, so I wrote a song and put it on a CD with several other songs I have written and sent it to her. Nobody had ever done that for her before and it really touched her. It wasn't a love song though--it was very sexual because that is the kind of connection I have with her. As she put it, if her and I ever actually met there would be an explosion that would probably level a shopping center. hehehe.

This happened about a year ago and for the past week or so she has been chatting me up every day. Don't know if it's going anywhere and don't care... just enjoying the verbal play and connection. :-)

One time I was on the internet when I saw that a woman I knew and felt a connection with had just signed in. I quickly wrote this and IMd her with it (she used the word 'Fyre' in her name):

O wing’ed being
of dancing fire
Take me deep
into desire
Reveal my heart
releasing blame
And touch my soul
with tongues of flame

Here is a poem I wrote for a woman I had a big crush on a couple of years ago:

Your heart is a beautiful butterfly
Spreading warmth and love
In everything you touch

Passion beats within you
Like the wings of a thousand doves

When I think of you
I feel as though a light is shining in my soul
Illuminating my spirit
Making me realize
That I have never felt so awake and alive

A man writes poetry
To capture what is in his heart
That cannot be captured by words
Words that cannot describe the beauty
That touches my heart
With thoughts of you

and I wrote this one for a woman (from CSL) I was dating last year:

When the masks fall away
And our souls lay bare
I see all the love
That has always been there

I see only love
And love what I see
Will you embrace life
And dance with me?

These are just a few... :^)

copyright 2002 Fred Carpenter
I'm a sucker for flowers, though. Even if they die, the gesture doesn't.
Now that I think about it, the poetry lets YOU know what an amazing guy you have and what you mean to him. The flowers let everyone else know!

I worked at the Seattle Weekly back when I was dating Bitterfun. And he sent to my office the most amazing bouquet of roses EVER (they were so goth)! After having them on my desk for a week, the entire Seattle Weekly staff knew how cool my boyfriend was and how much he liked me. :D
That rocked!


I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't love to get flowers. And since I like them, too, it all works out.

The women at my girlfriend's office all hate me because I have them delivered or bring them by too often. :)

Re: True

I doubt they hate you. It would be more like women to hate her. Jealousy and all.

Re: True

Well, you know what I mean. :)

Re: True

I am *so* baffled by my own gender...This observation is totally true...but WHY? Why do women have to hate the girl who has what they don't? For certain, they each have something that she doesn't!!! It is always that way, but, still, the jealousy brings out the cattiness in them all...

I wish it brought out "kittenness" instead! Meeee-yow!
you think that's love?

Read again, teacher, I think that's lust!


you mean like...

There once was a boy that was smitten
with an LJ person called cagekitten
she was filled with romance
and it showed in her dance
and thats all on the subject that can be written

an all time new record of 15 second limmerick!

Re: you mean like...

LOL! Adorable. :)


thats cool.. if i thought i could do it and get the desired effect, *swoon* as you put it.. I would have tried that long ago.. I dunno if i could do it.

Re: poem

Wait until you meet a girl that inspires you, then give it a try. And there's always this too:

You don't have to be a dummy to us this.


Re: poem

..for dummies books kick much ass.. I skimmed the sex for dummies once.. neat little book.. just as helpful as the HTML for dummies and modems for dummies books i have had
In a room a doorway stands
and through the door a hall

And in the next room over
are three candles on the wall

a flame of love

a flame of trust

a flame of raging fire

All burning waves of passion
in the heart of my desire.

copyright 2002 Fred Carpenter
You are a philosopher AND a poet! :)
Yep, and a musician too. Can't dance to save my life though.. oh well... can't have everthing! :-)