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It's way late. Going to sleep now. EXHAUSTED!!

I thought I would have to work for that dentist's office Tuesday and Wednesday but he called at the last minute and canceled. THANK GOD! Not that I didn't like him or anything. I do. I DO like him and his way cool holistic, Pagan dental office! But getting up an extra hour early was more stress than I could handle right now. My body is begging for rest.

In spite of a long list of things that need to be done, I threw it all to the wind to just relax tonight. I went to the doctor's office for adjustment and massage. Massage was painful as hell as the therapist worked out all the spasms. To get through these painful treatments I have started to retrain my brain to think of physical pain as just another sensation. We'll see how that goes.

Afterward I ran home and then transcendence1 came by took me to dinner. Got to feel all human and relaxed again. Afterward I took him to a park near my place that has a view of the Bay and Space Needle and downtown. Just chillin' and enjoying the warm summer air. God I needed that. Thanks Transcendence!

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