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Rehearsal was scary. I get up on that stage and I can already feel the eyes of the 400 audience members on me. That makes me so nervous that I tend to make mistakes. I forgot one move in the dance...twice. I got a little turned around and I kept doing my slide to the floor with the wrong leading leg. I lead with my right, otherwise it's all awkward and backwards.

For some reason I had written down tech rehearsal as Tuesday at 6:30pm. It is in fact a dress rehearsal Monday at 6:45pm. Ack! I have physical therapy Monday night. I am hoping and praying they have a Tuesday evening appointment open for me to switch to. Otherwise I either miss dress rehearsal or I miss a much needed massage.

I have many decisions to make this week. I'll post more about them in detail next week in hopes of some opinions to sway me. Stay in my apartment or leave? Advertise for roommates or let friends move in? Switch to the room with the nice view or stay in my current one? Apply for permanent status at my current temp job, or hold out for a job that I might actually enjoy? My life is all up in the air.

The Girl4Girl website changed their design, using an even bigger picture of me in it. Gotta love THAT!

The director of the talent show told me my dance evoked a feeling of longing. I never thought of that before. It makes sense considering where my life is right now.

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