Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Wednesday night at the Vogue

So last night I'm sitting at a table at the Vogue with sweetestkiss and N and I'm enjoying a cherry I got from SweetestKiss' drink. I set the cherry stem down and N picks it up and puts it in his mouth. I'm wondering what the heck for, but don't give it much thought. What followed left me speechless. I had almost forgotten about it when he removed the cherry stem from his mouth...tied in a knot. He can tie a little cherry stem into a knot with his tongue! I've heard of this in movies but I didn't think anyone could really do that.

So my jaw drops and I'm trying to find words to express how impressed I am but of course have already began imagining what else a tongue like that can do and am rendered speechless. Attempts to pick my jaw up off the floor are completely useless. I was pretty much rendered all swoony and tongue tied as I stared at him in disbelief. Then, with a sly smile, he left the table. Eventually I pulled myself together enough to run off and tell my girlfriends what he could do.

Other highlights of last night included:

  • Hanging out with fun folks like onewolf, sweetestkiss, seedmoon, m_cobweb and the ever anonymous (to protect the not so innocent) N and S.

  • Discovering that djeternaldarkne is a DJ god. I mean besides the best back cracking hugs in town, he is offically the only DJ in all of Seattle that has my absolute favorite dancing song in his collection: Mother by Wumpscut. When that songs hits, get out of my way or be prepared to be run over if you are anywhere between me and the stage.

  • Dancing with S. I've been wanting to dance with her for over a year so I was so thrilled! She taught me her signature deep, extended sexy back arch. This move is a head turner and a jaw dropper and anyone who has seen her dance knows what I'm talking about. She taught it to me and had me practice it with her again...and again...and again. There were so many times that I was sure I was going to fall over backward but she often held me (under my back) so I could arch back until I could reach over my head and almost touch the floor.

  • For the first time ever I pulled myself upside down on the pole on body strength alone. Anyone who's seen me do these tricks knows that in order to flip upside down I have to grab the pole, step back, and take a flying kick with my legs so that the momentum of the kick carries my body upside down. Apparently my upper body and abs are now strong enough to skip the momentous kick. I can simply grab the pole and pull myself onto it upside down. This falls under the category of something I never thought I would be strong enough to do. And motivates me to work out even harder on practice nights.

It was a great night for friends and for good music and endless cuddles. It used to be that Thursday nights were my favorite night of the week. But given that N works Thursday nights (and Friday nights and Saturday nights and Sunday nights), Wednesday is now officially my favorite day of the week. And hey obsidianrose, when will you be coming out to the clubs?

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