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Girl who dances in a cage

Thank you Oprah!

The S Factor Dance Studio in Los Angeles, where I learned pole dancing, will again be featured on the Oprah show this month. I'm incredibly excited. The myth that pole dancing is only something that strippers do for money or girls do for attention is being eradicated by one of society's most well known and well respected women (thank you Oprah!). And it is finally being promoted for all of it's potential: an incredibly fun fitness routine that builds and tones muscles, one that helps women become more comfortable, confident and in touch with their sexuality, and can be taken (by those who loved to be challenged and push their own boundaries) to new and challenging acrobatic and artistic levels.

An example is the trick I'm doing below. I always assumed I could never do it, that only more naturally acrobatic and talented gals could attempt this. But with practice and determination I'm adding it to a growing number of things I just never knew I could do before. Nothing is quite as exciting as surpassing what you thought were your own limitations -- and doing so carries your self confidence to levels that far surpass the pole or dance floor until it positively influences every aspect of your life. And discovering you can conquer your fears and your limitations gives you a confidence and a glow that is far more attractive than any sexy outfit or dance move. And Oprah is bringing that message to the masses: pole dancing is not about being sexy for a guy or putting on a show, it's about defying your preconceived notions about yourself and your limitations and the resulting benifits of being more confident, fit, healthier and happier.

Kitten pole dancing

Of course if you happen to be a dancer or a performer, there are all kinds of other fun advantages to learning this. :)

And when Oprah speaks, millions of women listen.

It was already shot last week. As soon as her website confirms the air date, I will post it.
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