Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Kitten asks for advice/support

Well, if you're a lurker (i.e. not on my "friends list") you may have noticed an absence of posts for a few days. There were some, but they were just too naughty to leave open to the public. ;) Feel free to de-lurk if you want more.

On a more serious note - I went in for treatment today, as I do every week since the car accident in November. The massage therapist was appalled by the damage to my back. It's no surprise considering...

  • Two or so hours of choreographing and rehearsing on most week nights.
  • A trip to the Mercury on Friday in which I promised not to dance -- but was actually lured to the dance floor for ONE dance (it's all Oga's fault!).
  • Three hours of go-go dancing on Saturday night.
  • Dance rehearsal for the show on Sunday.

The results of these damands on my body turned out to be more than just muscular. I woke up completely exhausted this morning. I had to call my temp agency and call in late so I could go back to sleep. My eyes are still puffy and there's a puffy bump under my right eye. I'm assuming this is due to some overlaod of my lymph nodes perhaps? Or just plain old overwork and exhaustion.

So the massage therapist says to drop out of the talent show. But I have worked WAY too hard and given up too much social time to drop out now. She insists the damage could (emphasis on COULD, no guarantee here) be permanent.

If you practice any form of spirituality, please let me know if you would be willing to offer assistance. I welcome any form of prayers, meditation, spells, etc. There is a great order to the Way. And I was not given this gift and this passion only to do harm to my body. I know there is a greater path than that. I am asking for spiritual and physical support through this challenge. This performance means SO much to me and I have sacrificed for worked incredibly hard for it.

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