Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

The Celestine Prophecy

I asked if I could come in late tomorrow (so I can go to Moonday tonight at the Fenix). At first the answer was yes. But for reasons too boring to go into, we realized I should be here extra early. Dammit.

On another note I just tried to start The Celestine Prophecy and boy am I ticked off. It sucks. I've heard such good things about it that I had forced myself through to page 22 before finally giving up. Maybe it's just bad in comparison because I just finished two amazing books: Miles To Go Before I sleep and more recently Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss. The latter has what is pretty much proof of the afterlife and reincarnation and so it's a riveting read that totally expands your understanding of the Universe. Then I pick up Celestine Prophecy expecting to have my reality and beliefs further expanded only to discover it is fiction. In my humble opinion having to place spiritual ideas in a fictional context really only serves those who are so stuck in their own belief systems that they have to have any new paradigms sugar coated (via an elaborate fictional adventure) to allow it into their psyches. I'm well past that point. So while it may serve others well, for me The Celestine Prophecy is annoying at best. I'll be putting my copy up for sale along with my other eBay auctions.

Time to start searching used book stores for Messages From The Masters which is the sequel to Many Lives, Many Masters. I believe a trip to Half Price Books is in order tonight.

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