Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

New clothes and fun playing with light

Lots of pictures here, so it will take a while to load if you are using dial up or otherwise slow internet:

This is a cheesy shot of one of the dresses I got from Shadiee last week. I’ve dubbed it my “slut dress” and it’s actually too much even for me. It is unlikely you will ever see me wearing this out unless it’s as part of a costume (perhaps a good one to dress in as a prostitute for the next Pimp & Ho party).

It’s also a fun dress for photo shoots, which I discovered this weekend:

Dress and way sexy red platform shoes provided by shadiee. Black leather sofa provided by my roommate autonomic_pilot.

This lovely dress used to belong to psychik (thank you Psychik!). It is a silver mesh with just enough shimmer to give the illusion (in bright lighting) of chainmail. The top part is a bit big so I wear a PVC bra underneath it. The bottom part, however, fits perfectly. Since one of the rumors about me in the goth scene is that I have no ass, I’m always excited when I find a dress that shows that I do indeed have one.

It was cloudy all day Sunday but just as the sun was setting it broke through the clouds and produced a bright yellow cast across the room. When I tried to use it in a picture I discovered it also produced some shadows, which were rather interesting:

The blinds also created some shadows I enjoyed playing with:

I also took a picture in the new angel wings. But since I was going for the Victoria Secret angel look (no clothes) I’ll be posting that one friends only. ;)

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