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So I got QUITE a surprise this morning at work today. The woman who was supposed to take my job on August 11th had a family emergency and had to turn down the job.

Whoa. No. I had my ENTIRE life planned around August 8th being my last day here. The plan was to take the two weeks following August 8th to collect unemployment and pound the pavement for permanent work. Then the 3rd week after I am going to be out of town at a week long retreat. And as long as I continue to send out resumes from the retreat, I would have been able to collect unemployment while gone. Then come back just in time to head down to L.A. for September and October to take those dance classes I needed to start my own business teaching pole dancing. ALL KAPUT NOW!

Once you end a temp job, unemployment sends paperwork to your temp agency to make sure you didn't leave voluntarily. Because if you did, you don't get to collect unemployment. So basically I won't get any unemployment while I'm at that retreat, because I would be taking that time off voluntarily! That's AN ENTIRE WEEK without pay!!! That would have been enough to pay for the drive to and from L.A. :(

And one of the biggest problems is that the clinic I use for medical care has asked for updated proof of income. The plans was to wait until I'm back on unemployment so I could show them my meager unemployment check. Because right now, despite how poorly I'm paid as a temp here, I make too much to qualify for the state assisted/supplemented medical insurance that I use now. But I don't make enough to pay for medical insurance of my own. So basically as long as I'm working here and NOT on unemployment, I'd better not be in need of any medical services. If I am, they'll disqualify me based on my temporary pay. But I still need to keep paying $50 a month for my state subsidized insurance, so it will be available to me when this temp job ends.

I promised so many people I would have time for them when this job ends in August. I'm just going to have to stay strong in my faith that things will work out in the best way possible for me.

In the mean time, I did manage to work up enough energy to choreograph last night. I don't feel weak or all that tired today. So my health is in good order. Now I just need to go with the flow and not fight to keep the plans I was so looking forward to. Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.

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