Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


I have some amazing friends. No, really. Let me prove it to you:

Congratulations are in order to eonen who just won the Best Animation Award in the Inside Report unofficial fan film award of 2004 on And the most amazing part; it wasn't even her completed film. It was a rendering test she did in preparation for the fan film she's working on. Yes, even her tests kick ass! Just imagine how amazing the completed film will be.

Congratulations to m_cobweb who won first place in glitzkrieg's Novice Night Burlesque Competition. We always knew you were beautiful, sexy and graceful. Now you've got the first place prize to prove it! And lets not forget the courage it took for her to start and develop her own small business. Just wow!

Congratulations to shadie. I can't give too much info on what she's done because she keeps the info friends only. But suffice it to say this girl has a dream and has decided to leave her secure life behind and give up everything to pursue it. She's encountering some road blocks and scary changes along the way but she's not letting them stop her. For living life to the fullest and going after your dreams - you are my hero!

And to stillraven, there's no one moment or accomplishment or prize I can attribute this to. Your entire life amazes me from moment to moment. Your plate seems more than full every day, constantly busy and overflowing, and yet you somehow manage to nurture your family and yourself with more love and kindness and patience than I have ever known. Because of your commitments and family and creative interests you have more roles in your life than any person I know, and you are succeeding at everyone of them. You don't always see it because they are little success, bit by bit, more and more every day.

Surrounding myself with people I admire, with people that express themselves creatively and take risks, is an integral and important part of my life. I am blessed to know you all and I am so grateful! If you have accomplished something wonderful that I have forgotten to mention, please let me know so that I may add you to this list.

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