Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

The Fetish Ball

Here's the short version: last night was freakin' wonderful! The ball was like a goth prom. And I know I say that a lot about the formal and fetish goth events but that's only because everyone is dressed in their gothy formal best. This time it really was like a prom. I mean you walk into the room and there are round tables everywhere covered in those fancy table cloths with beautiful masquerade center pieces. The DJ and dance floor were toward the back. And it was catered!!!

Okay, now the long version. It took me forever to get ready because I'm just not accustomed to working with things like fake hair (I had two tinsel woven pig tail additions to my hair) and tons of make-up. Fortunately jonwa picked me up which gave me an extra 20 minutes to pull myself together. And I used my extra super powerful good parking karma mojo to find us a parking spot in spite of the Sonics game that was going on next door to the Cirque and the Ball. Much to my surprise the Cirque du Noc was a sit down show. The last time Circus Contraption performed it was in a huge venue with no seating that people just sort of walked around in between circus acts. The Cirque was really quite naughty and fetishy and I found it funny that a Seattle cop, probably there to provide security for the Sonics game next door, wondered in and watched the show. After the things he saw he'll probably be telling his cop buddies about it for weeks.

After Cirque du Noc was over we headed out on foot to find food (at this point neither of knew the ball was going to be catered). And then it was back for the Ball. Instead of the sheer dress I wore my shredded PVC skirt and a cropped PVC top with PVC horns and my PVC thigh high revenge boots. Once we were at the ball I got more compliments than I ever imagined I would get. And a photographer from a new publication called "Seattle Center" wanted to take my picture to appear in the next issue (if anyone sees this publication around town please let me know as I have no idea where to get one). This meant a lot to me because everyone was dressed extra special for the night. To take notice of my outfit among a ballroom full of beautifully dressed folks really meant a lot to me. I shredded the skirt myself and put together the outfit. So I was proud. :)

We shared a table with sweetestkiss and izzbot. Izzbot looked fabulous in an elaborate and stunning feathered mask. As for SweetestKiss...good lord...I can't find the words to describe how hot she looked. You'll just have to wait for the pictures because she was smoldering in that stunning floor length gown that laced up in the front with cleavage that goes 'til Tuesday! I also spotted and chatted with sistawendy and imp_of_satan. I got to spend a little time with ocicat and his date as well as lots of other folks who's LJ names I don't know (or god forbid they don't have an LJ yet). Of course I ran into malixe which is important because I would be remiss of my Malixe stalker duties were I to fail to show up to an event that he's photographing.

jonwa let me use his digital camera and I spent more time running around taking fun pictures than I did dancing. Which was fine because I can hardly dance when wearing 5 inch heels. In fact I feel downright restricted on the dance floor. So I trotted about asking folks if I could take their pictures. It was during this time that I ran into darkkisses in a stunning costume. A head turner for certain and I snapped a picture of her in it! A couple hot girls arrived dressed as very sexy cops, I got a picture of one of them hand cuffing me. And who could miss psyberboi and psychik? They always look fabulous and I wrangled them over to where the Japanese screens were (which made for a great photo background) and got pictures of them as well. bdsm_teddy and his gorgeous date Carmen shared a table with us for a bit and I got a shot of them together. And spikyme spanked me and I have the photographic evidence to prove it!

I probably forgot to name a few folks I chatted with as it was a busy and highly distracting night. Eye candy...everywhere!! And where, you might ask, are all these incriminating pictures now? Over at jonwa's. I cant wait to get copies and post them.

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