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BOOT fetish

tonight at the Vogue

Well, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. The smoke was so bad at the Vogue tonight that I was actually choking. It got to the point where the back of my throat felt like it was on fire and I was coughing so badly that I finally had to leave.

But I had a great time before the unusually heavy smoke set in. I was there for khayman950's birthday and he arrived shortly after I did looking snazzy in his suit. I was really surprised to see transcendence1 there since I had no idea he was coming! We were soon joined at our table by thecrowgoddess and the lovely long haired photographer that was with her. candy_androgyne and I talked shop for a while (i.e. pole dancing) and I got to see him in action before the night ended. Also chatted briefly with m_cobweb and tried to chat with vorona but by then I was coughing so hard that a conversations was sort of impossible. I saw darkgoddess7 but didn't have a chance to go talk with her. I did catch her on the dance floor though.

And there was a bit of role reversal tonight. I'm used to folks coming up to me and telling me how much they enjoyed my dancing and even introducing themselves in the process. This time it was my turn. There was a guy in a long flowy coat and he twirled and twirled up a storm and the coat looked so beautiful billowing around him. I just had to go introduce myself and tell him how much I enjoyed watching him. We might have talked more after that but Dead Can Dance called me to dance floor and I had to bid him farewell.

And note to self: do not pole dance ever again to Dead Stars. The music is too fast. I need slow kind of flowy/grindy music. I also found the the new upside down trick much harder on the spinning pole than the other upside down tricks I do. I think it has something to do with the fact that I actually have to hang by only one leg and reach over my head with one hand and grab the bottom of the pole. Kind of hard to do when you look down over your head to find the pole and instead see the floor spinning. Woah. I managed to do it 3 times but I have no clue how it looked. It could have been sloppy as hell and I wouldn't know it. You can't exactly look over in the mirror when you're hanging upside down on a pole that's spinning.

And now I'm off to bed with a smile on my face.


I'm sorry I added to the smoke filled room. :(

But I was glad to see you. You kind of shocked me as well. I wasn't expecting to see you as well. ;)

We have some catching up to do, that's for sure. We're overdue for hangout time...That and I'm still taking you up for the 24/7 on tap snuggles. ;)
I just e-mailed you with my snuggle schedule. :)
You know reading of your dancing I must say I would love to see it someday.


"The smoke was so bad at the Vogue tonight"

This is one of the reasons I haven't gone in awhile.

The smoke leaves my eyes watering and my chest hurting for days.
(even after numerous hot showers)

I've never understood why clubs don't put it better exhaust fans.
It's not like they don't know that this is a problem.

Hell you'd think OSHA would have something to say about it.


Any way, glad to hear your pole work is coming together.